AquaSphere Xceed Mirrored Goggle
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AquaSphere Xceed Mirrored Goggle


The XCEED competition goggle combines patented curved lens technology and a hydrodynamic low profile fit to give swimmers a competitive edge in perfect clarity.


Patented curved lens for expanded field of vision allows the swimmer to sight walls and the competition without altering head position
Engineered with Exo-Core technology, which combines two materials for maximum performance
Compressed Micro-Gasket provides a leak resistant seal and a low profile design
Semi-rigid exoskeleton maximizes the structural strength and stability of the goggle
Ultra soft Softeril gasket provides a watertight seal and maximum comfort
Hydrodynamic, low-profile head buckle for quick adjustments
High-quality, low-profile Silicone strap with textured grip effect
Anti-fog treated Polycarbonate lenses
Ergonomic, easy to replace, interchangeable nose bridge for a customizable, comfortable fit
Designed and manufactured in Italy
FINA approved

"I can see 2 or 3 lanes over. I've never worn another goggle like it."
- Michael Phelps

With these goggles, we took it to the next level. Elite performers will want to wear it, particularly due to the curvature and the range of vision. You’re getting almost 180 degree vision, which is really important when you’re racing. You want to have that peripheral sight. And the clarity of it--because of the patented curved lens design--is better than anything I’ve ever seen.”
- Coach Bob Bowman

Technologies and Materials:

Quick nosebridge replacement
Polycarbonate lenses


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