Speedo Tech Paddle
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Speedo Tech Paddle

The Speedo Fastskin Tech Paddles allow for effective swim training. The paddle-shaped hand pads are designed to increase resistance, making you work harder to pull your arms through the water, which strengthens your muscles. Many flow holes on the finger moulds enhance aquatic sensitivity, so that you'll get a better feeling for effective hand lift motion and your optimized hand position. The paddles' hydrodynamic design not only affects the natural movement of your arms, but also serves as a resistance in the water. Thanks to adjustable, soft silicone straps, the ergonomic paddles fit snugly around your hands while swimming, so that you can focus on your technique. The optionally available kickboard will help you optimize your kick technique.

• For resistance training
• Material: polypropylene/silicone
• Dimensions max.: approx. 19 x 13 cm (S), 20 x 14 cm (M)

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